Guidelines for a Successful 2012

Guidelines for a Successful 2012Those who have been following my articles may have noticed a theme I keeping coming back to. Maybe I’m just a little obsessed or perhaps this theme holds the key to ultimate success. I’ve said, time and time again that this business is 85% psychology and a little bit of math. I’m not all that good with the math, but surely understand the power of the mind.

To truly become successful one needs to harness the power of their mind and ensure it has become an ally and not an enemy.

Outlined below are a few key principles, which if adhered to will ensure that 2012 and every year thereafter is a great year.


Remember always that your sub-conscious mind is merely an obedient servant. It simply does what you tell it to do, and follows whatever set of instructions it has been given. If you, or someone else through ignorance or misguidance gives it a faulty set of instructions it will blindly carry them out. For example if I believe prospecting is boring or difficult, it will run a program to ensure that that is my experience. If on the other hand I were to belief that prospecting can be fun and exciting, it will run that one instead. Choose carefully what programs you decide to run in your brain.


Be careful about the company you keep. You can inherit bad programming from those around you. Decide now that this year you will associate only with those who make you feel better about yourself and maintain a positive outlook.


Get in the habit of taking out the trash in terms of those activities that do not work, habits that have outlived their usefulness or thoughts that are counter-productive. As Anthony Robbins so nicely put it some years ago: "If you always do, what you've always done, then you’ll always get what you've always got. If you want a different outcome you have to do something differently."


Spend some time daily and weekly taking stock of that which has worked and that which has not. Get in the habit of giving yourself personal feedback and soliciting feedback from your allies, coaches and mentors.


Stop with the excess self-criticism and remember there is no such thing as failure. Failure is merely feedback, and feedback is the breakfast of champions. When your plans have gone awry or your results were different from your expectations simply say to yourself: “Well that didn’t work out quite the way I expected! I wonder what I should do differently?” It’s quite amazing what happens when we re-frame our experience and look for solutions rather than obstacles.


Give yourself a big enough reason to succeed. People who have big dreams and goals and become magnificently obsessed by them, often go on to achieve greatness.


Believe you can achieve whatever it is you put your mind to. So many fail even before they start simply because they have mastered making up reasons why they cannot succeed. Pretend you could succeed and allow your mind to create all kinds of different ways to become successful and then watch what happens.


Talk to more people. The business of financial advice giving starts with finding people to give advice to. If you will persist every single day in inviting people to experience what you have to offer, you will ultimately become successful. It really is that simple.


Finally, discover you “Personal Success Formula”, that unique combination of subject matter expertise, the type of people you relate to best, and that brand of financial advice giving that resonates with you, that will allow you to build the business model that is absolutely right for you.

There it is, nine simple principles that if carefully followed and adhered to will ensure 2012 gets off to a good start and finishes well.

Best wishes and continued success in 2012!

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